Weight loss hypnosis London

Some individuals use food to make them feel better. Others are too busy to eat healthy food in right amounts. Others hate working out and getting breathless and sweaty at the gym. Some have even tried different diets without lasting success.

In today’s world, weight control is becoming a health issue for many people around the world; rates of eating disorders and obesity are on the rise. Nowadays, we have access to plenty of unhealthy drinks and food.

So why do people find it so difficult to lose weight and maintain the right weight? The common behaviors are

  • Low levels of exercising and physical activity
  • Distorted perception of what desirable/healthy body looks like and how it affects how we view our bodies
  • Unhealthy feeding habits like the wrong type of food, overfeeding without exercising
  • Dieting
  • Eating to satisfy our emotional needs
  • Low self-esteem that reinforces the vicious cycle where people feel bad about themselves, they start eating to feel better, they stop exercising, their weight does not change, and other harmful habits.

The problem is although such habits and thoughts can meet your needs in the short term, in reality, they are harmful and unhealthy, and you are massively damaging your long-term health.

How hypnotherapy from us helps you with weight loss hypnosis London and maintaining a healthy weight

Good news for all of you struggling to lose weight is, hypnotherapy is very useful both in the first stages of weight loss and in the long-term. Studies have shown that hypnotherapy helps people lose more weight and maintain the right weight for an extended period. It can help you develop the habits and skills you require to get a wellbeing and height weight; discipline, patience, and self-confidence. The more you eat healthily, increase work out sessions, and learn to love yourself the more you will enjoy the benefits of the changes you have made and find that you can easily continue creating a healthy weight. Note that the effects of hypnotherapy for weight loss start manifesting after 3-5 sessions. More solid improvements will show after more sessions.  We recommend that the first three sessions take place weekly to make your start right.

We are one of the leading hypnotherapists in London. We have been specializing in hypnotherapy for weight loss for over a decade now, and we are the perfect match for you. For more information about hypnotherapy for weight loss, contact us today and make an appointment.